Today’s Writing Tip


Your story action and plot require feasibility. In fantasy, anything is possible, but you must lay the foundation so its credible within the realm you’ve created. Designing a world where magic is the norm isn’t as simple as you may think.

Every cultures operates within certain norms, rules, and even laws. How are these powers gained? Can anyone use them? What about those who use them for evil? Are all powers created equal? Do certain items (swords are very popular) contain magic accessible to only one person? What do they need to do to unleash it?

Without some rationale, fantasy can fall flat. No matter what you make up, it has to be convincing so the reader can feel as if they’re part of that world. If there’s no foundation, they’re likely to roll their eyes and find something else to read.


Today’s Writing Tip

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All fiction needs to be convincing and seem real. Create any possibility you want, just make sure the reader will be convinced. If you’re writing fantasy or science fiction, you need to build a world that your readers will believe is possible. Spend sufficient time creating your story’s environment to a high level of detail and it will pay off later, perhaps in even providing new plot twists.