Why Democracies Fail


Whether or not you have any belief in metaphysics, it seems the severe weather plaguing the country today serves as an interesting commentary on protests that spanned the nation and even the world this past weekend. The winds of change are seldom a gentle breeze.

While some were sipping champagne in celebration of the events associated with Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, others were crying in their beer. Of course, for the past eight years of the Obama administration, these sentiments were reversed. Thus the pendulum swings again.

It’s been said and proven throughout history that the average lifetime of a democracy tends to be right around 200 years. The USA has currently survived for 240. Beating the odds? I doubt it.

Unlikely as it may sound, the insights I’ve gained as a professional astrologer have helped explain why I believe this is so. Here’s the Readers’ Digest version of the stages I’ve recognized, without the astrologese:

  1. A nation is founded on the principles of freedom by a group with common standards and beliefs which unify them. Unifying factors often include religion and a common language. A set of governing laws are set in place to keep society protected and under control.
  2. Over time, freedom results in a proliferation of beliefs, some of which are contrary to those on which the nation was founded and possibly its laws as well.
  3. If these factions are tolerant and peaceful, coexistence can be achieved. If not, protests and demonstrations ensue. Diversity in many cases eventually turns confrontational and combative, particularly if those involved feel oppressed or violated.
  4. When protests become disruptive, violent or destructive and are contrary to the rule of law, it’s the government’s job to restore order. If leaders don’t do their job, protests continue to escalate until they can no longer be tolerated. At that point, they either prevail and effect an overthrow of the status quo, or they are squelched.


  1. If a heavy hand is required to restore order, then a dictatorship, the usual successor to a democracy, assumes power, silencing the dissenters by whatever means necessary.

Not a pretty picture, is it? I see Donald Trump taking over this country somewhere between Stages 4 and 5.

There is such a thing as too much freedom when either tolerance is absent or extremism is present, thus causing some factions to want to eradicate or control those with opposing beliefs. In a country that has polarized into a two-party system, extremism is particularly likely. As these ideologies become farther and farther separated, both eventually abandoning country’s the founding principles, the populace is forced to choose one or the other, even though in many cases their true beliefs may lie somewhere in the middle. I can see positive aspects of both prevailing parties, but cannot endorse either 100%. However, when election time rolls around, I’m forced to make a choice. I can remember more elections in which I voted against someone as opposed to for. That, in itself, is a sad commentary.

For a while, as one party gains power and the pendulum swings their way, its opposing factions will be quite disenchanted. After a while, this discontent reaches critical mass and the opposition wins the next election. Then the pendulum swings the other way. The more antithetical beliefs and values become, the stronger the desire to gain complete control and annihilate the other, which inevitably leads to corruption. Or as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This cannot go on forever.

Sadly, both sides accuse the other of hate. That is what disagreement evolves into when issues are volatile and so extreme that compromise and/or mutual understanding become impossible.

The United States is at a very critical stage of its evolution as a country. Ironically, it was never intended to be a democracy. It was designed as a Constitutional Republic. But given the freedom granted to its citizenry, it’s no wonder it has trodden the same path. Those original laws set in place by the Founding Fathers to maintain order were gradually repealed as they offended the masses. And here we are.


There are too many factions, some easily given to violence, too many languages, too many religions, special interests and various other issues that divide us. Some revere Old Glory, others desecrate her. Some believe the environment should be preserved, others that it’s expendable. And this doesn’t even consider the corruption and corporatism that has sullied the entire system. This begs the question of who’s organizing the more violent protesters and in some cases even paying them? And why? To drive us more quickly to stage 5?

Thinking America can be put back together is like upending a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and expecting it to land on the floor assembled. Astrology shows the USA’s evolution quite clearly. Interestingly, it’s course is entirely independent of who’s in the Whitehouse. Either way, the future does not look bright.

Could These Five Words Change Your Life?

whatUallow copy

I’ve always been a fan of quotations. What’s not to admire about expressing something profound using the fewest possible words? For a long time my favorite was No life is ever wasted. You can always serve as a bad example. To me, that represented the ultimate in positive thinking, though the lesson was often missed as evidenced by the ever-increasing prison population.

Along similar lines is a short one that came to me while I was writing A Dark of Endless Days, second volume in the Star Trails Tetralogy. It’s another expression of optimism, perhaps even a follow-up to the wasted life. To wit: No mistakes, only detours. In other words, fix it and move on.

Now I have a new favorite which, if nothing else, is incredibly universal in its application. I would bet dollars to donuts that every single person on Earth could apply it to some facet of their life. And it goes even further than that. Every group, organization, government, corporation, etc. could apply it as well, or conversely, have it applied to them. Of course, there are negative manifestations, too, but first give some positive thought energy to these five little words:

What you allow will continue.

Read it again. Has it sunk in? Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with someone who didn’t understand the concept of boundaries should understand. If you’ve ever been taken advantage of, it’s time to consider whether it was (or is) simply because you allowed it.

What you allow will continue.

Whether it’s your nosy neighbor, lazy spouse, obnoxious teenager, critical mother-in-law, or some unscrupulous political figure, the same five words apply. People will try to get away with as much as they can until something stops them. Of course there are situations, such as those involving abuse, particularly of a child, where the victim doesn’t have the power to stop it. In this case, it’s the duty of others, possibly relatives, possibly society, to step in and assure that it stops. That shouldn’t be rocket science. Some things are simply wrong and need to be stopped. Period. In some cases, by whatever means necessary.

I particularly thought of this quote when I saw a headline the other day that stated France is shutting down 160 mosques. A shocking number of weapons and ammunition have since been found as well as various other evidences of terrorist activity. France, clearly, understands the concept.

What you allow will continue.

In the perverted name of political correctness the USA has clearly lost touch with this concept. The key, I suppose, is when a situation becomes sufficiently intolerable that someone demands that something be done.

Are we there yet?