Today’s Writing Tip


One thing that makes a story more vivid is a 360 degree sense of place. This includes place, time, scenes, location, weather, and all those things that are apparent when you walk into a room or outside your front door.

This doesn’t mean that you should slow down action and dialog with constant description. One technique is to describe the setting earlier or you can essentially sneak in little bits throughout. If two characters are having a lively conversation, think about what else is going on. Are they just standing there, head to head, staring at each other? Or is one walking around, engaged in some activity, or pondering a bird outside the window? Such things not only add to the atmosphere you’re trying to create with the setting, but the mood as well.

It’s been said the we perceive more from visual clues during a conversation than the words alone. Anyone who has even found themselves in trouble because someone misread something they said in an email should know what I’m talking about. Details should be used to help round out the story to one that feels real, similar to how you perceive the world around you.