Today’s Writing Tip

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With tax time coming up, at least the USA’s infamous April 15, remember to keep track of all your writing expenses for your tax return. Research, subscriptions, social media, online services, promotional expenses, contest fees, club memberships, etc. are all tax deductible as business expense.

Whatever you do, don’t ever call your efforts a hobby if you’re seriously trying to make money as an author. I’m not a tax expert, but so I’ve heard. Even if it takes you years to turn a profit, as long as you can back it up that your intent is to be profitable with receipts and so forth, you should be okay.

One trick of business owners is to always do a little promotion on vacation so they can write off trip expenses. Thus, book research fits this category. Even if it doesn’t fit your  WIP or current list of future titles, take notes to file away for later use.