Review of “Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret” by Dr. Steven M. Greer”


If you’re a follower of UFO lore, you’ve probably already heard much of what this fascinating book contains, given it mostly comprises eyewitness accounts of encounters with UFOs. However, what you may have heard on the numerous TV shows on the subject is but a very mild prelude to what is clearly “the rest of the story.” It takes quite a bit to surprise me, but I was definitely taken aback by much of what came out. For example, there’s a whole lot more to the Rendelsham Forest incident that has been covered in multiple documentaries. There is quite a bit of more information regarding good ol’ Roswell, as well as a considerable amount of information related to government involvement and the inevitable massive cover-ups.

Apparently, some of the UFOs seen are ETVs, i.e., extraterrestrial vehicles, while others are ARVs, alien reproduction vehicles, or those that have been built on Earth, based on back-engineering captured craft. ETVs have numerous capabilities our replicas lack, because some technologies have not yet been cracked sufficiently for us earthlings to duplicate. For example, the technology required to access other dimensions apparently still eludes us, in spite of all the mathematical antics of our best theoretical physicists. Then again, knowing something is there is a long ways from knowing how to access, much less use it, the job of which lies with engineers. That said, there is still a considerable amount of evidence that we are technologically far more advanced and our space exploration activities much more extensive than we’ve been led to believe.

Of course, this is where the conspiracy side of this subject comes to bear. In many respects, the alleged truth is so far-fetched, it’s no wonder numerous people refuse to believe such things exist. However, the fact remains that the number of credible witnesses coupled with the number of key people who have gone public on such things, including those who have mysteriously disappeared or turned up dead of suspicious causes, speaks volumes.

The real question unbelievers must ask themselves is why would anyone lie about such matters, knowing it could put their life at stake?

As a science fiction author I was quite astounded by the fact that much of the technology in my novels already exists. If you’ve ever heard the rumor that some of Steven Spielberg’s movies such as “ET: The Extraterrestrial” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” were planned leaks, this book seems to confirm that, as well as various other movies. Brace yourself, but I got the impression that just about anything I thought was too far out to be true, actually exists. Whoa!

The sad part is why this suppression has occurred. As you can probably guess, it’s all about money. If some of these technologies came out, such as those that can provide free energy, to say nothing of anti-gravity devices, some industries which defend their financial interests with a heavy albeit deadly hand would be forced out of business, such as power companies, the petrochemical and automobile industries, and most likely pharmaceutical manufacturers as well.

It’s indeed sad to think that there are people so full of greed that they think nothing of polluting our planet and forcing the populace as a whole to a lower standard of living than would be possible if these marvels were revealed. The corruption at governmental and corporate levels that sustain this travesty is so deep that eliminating it is next to impossible. With all due respect, such upsets in these industries would definitely impact the economy. There are enough people out of work as it is, much less if these disappeared. It’s these very tentacles that keeps these industries alive, beyond sheer greed.

However, I must say that I have my suspicions regarding Elon Musk, who seems to be walking the interface between them. Ever wonder exactly who he is and where he gets the money for his endeavors? Hmmmm….

What Greer suggests, and has founded an organization to support such an action, is for all those who have witnessed these things, at whatever level, from simply seeing a UFO to building an ARV, to come forward. This has happened to a small degree in the past, where former government officials, mostly from Canada and the United Kingdom, have admitted to this cover-up. Greer is proposing something much larger and more pervasive, a massive movement by the people to object and resist this heinous deception.

Perhaps, one of the most incredible things Greer suggests is that extraterrestrials, in addition to being among us in numbers which we can’t even conceive, are on our side and want to help us rid our planet of this despicable situation. Clearly, off-world civilizations with the engineering knowledge to build ETVs could surely annihilate us if they chose to do so. In fact, their concern is that we will ultimately destroy ourselves.

It’s more than interesting that the Roswell incident, that brought this situation out and remains its cornerstone, occurred in that location because that is where the USA began conducting nuclear testing back in the 40s. Assuming those on other planets had been observing these self-destructive antics on Earth, it’s no wonder they showed up here to warn us in no uncertain terms to quit this insanity, back during the Cold War days between Russia and NATO.

This begs the question of where are these concerned ETs now, and why aren’t they giving similar lectures and warnings to North Korea and the various other insane nations who are saber-rattling at this time? Or have they abandoned us to determine our own fate?

This book is but the tip of the iceberg of what is going on out there behind the scenes, entirely off the radar of the average person. We will be allowed to destroy ourselves and our planet if we so choose, but what kind of idiots would do such a thing? The answer to that lies on the news, fake and otherwise, where humanity has certainly demonstrated what a bloodthirsty and ruthless lot some of us are.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, extraterrestrials, other dimensions or whatever, this book contains a boat load of information people need to have. Even if you read it with a grain of salt the size of Gibralter, and believe only a small fraction of what it contains, there is plenty to be concerned about. The future of the human race could easily depend on resistance from everyday individuals who have had enough. If nothing else, again ask yourself why anyone would lie about such things? Attention, fame, or fortune are out of the question.

There’s a lot of disturbing information in this book. It has all sorts of implications, some of which will definitely bother those with strong religious convictions. All I can say to that is that God works in mysterious ways. Maybe the beings reported as angels in holy writ were indeed extraterrestrials. When you think about it, God, by definition, is an extraterrestrial. At this point in time, considering the condition of life on Earth coupled with prophecy, maybe it’s time to pay attention. Maybe some of what Greer talks about has a bearing you wouldn’t expect from a secular source.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and this book definitely treads in that territory. Don’t miss it. If you do, you might miss your ride off this demented planet when the time comes to get out of Dodge. For the depth of research and sometimes unfathomable content I haven’t seen previously, I give it 5-stars.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon here. Yes, the truth IS out there.

Review of “Alien Affairs” by Scott Skipper


This fast-moving tale was one of the most entertaining stories I’ve read in a long time. Not only did I find numerous scenes laugh-out-loud hilarious, but it had enough suspense for me to stay up into the wee hours of the night to see how it ended.

Ironically, one of the reasons I bought this book was because one of its reviewers gave it a poor rating simply because it was politically incorrect.  And they were right, it certainly is.  And therein was where I found most of the humor. The snarky, cynical comments were such an accurate reflection of the state of the world today that you either laugh or cry.  I, for one, prefer to laugh.

The story begins with the Roswell incident back in 1947, with which any UFO nut like myself is duly familiar. The author did an excellent job of recounting the incident and blending those individuals mentioned in the historical record with fictitious characters.  In fact, it’s difficult to tell where the truth (which is undoubtedly out there) ends and speculation begins, placing this story within that popular sci-fi subgenre where fact mingles comfortably with supposition.

This version of the incident begins when a counter-intelligence officer recovers an e-reader the surviving alien was trying to destroy. They discover that it activates when picked up and displays alien writing on its screen, but shuts down a few moments later, leaving the person slightly light-headed. The device eventually winds up in the hands of the CIA where Miles Ashly, a linguist, and Lambert Gray, a cryptographer, are tasked with the translation and soon discover that as they begin to recognize certain words that the device “speaks” the word telepathically, providing the pronunciation, then eventually starts teaching Ashly the language.  When they uncover the aliens’ “Mission Plan” they are horrified to discover that their intent was to exterminate the human race. Once the failure is apparent to those back on Tau Ceti, a new attempt will be made which they expect will occur around 2016.

The author marches through time, taking us to the present while tying in various historical events, such as the race to the Moon as well as other presidential administrations.  Eventually Ashly retires and decides to teach the alien language to his grand-niece, Carrie Player, telling her it’s the language of the Dogon people. Years later, when he’s on his death bed and Carrie is an adult, he tells her the truth and advises her to write the CIA a letter about her special skills when she graduates from college. She does and, as expected, they hire her.  It takes a couple decades but eventually the dreaded day arrives when three UFOs are discovered on a course toward Earth.  Their plan is not to kill everyone overtly, but rather render everyone sterile, so they would die off over time. The reason for this action is because Earthlings are a potentially harmful, belligerent race that poses a potential danger to other civilizations in interstellar space.

Eventually contact is made with the incoming craft and Carrie converses on her cell phone with their leader, a grey, almond-eyed alien named Deshler, and the real fun begins, starting with her assigning the theme from The Twilight Zone as his ring tone.  Her goal, as expected, is to talk him and his crew out of completing their mission to exterminate the human race.  Various remarks about how our government operates as well as conducts international relations definitely were politically incorrect.  For example, Carrie’s question during one conversation where she asked, “We have many parasites who live off the work of others. Could you use your sterilization stuff selectively? There are plenty of people I would like to stop from reproducing.”

The POTUS is not shown in a positive light, either, which would undoubtedly be offensive to some if you projected his identity to an actual person. Frankly, depending on your political persuasion, he could be from either major party, both of which are laughable these days, if you maintain your objectivity and sense of humor. Thus, those of you who can see our current state of affairs for the FUBAR it is will appreciate the satire and what is a rather convincing tale with enough credibility to make you wonder, as good fiction should.

The dialog is convincing but includes quite a few f-bombs, so those who prefer less graphic language may want to look elsewhere. If you’re a UFO fan you’ll recognize numerous familiar stories and names which provide authenticity and credibility as they interact with Skipper’s characters.  Depictions of how the various government agencies would react to the situation’s developments are believable, the characters diverse and engaging, the technology described sufficient to satisfy hard sci-fi fans.  The story would make an excellent mini-series with its outstanding balance of humor, suspense, and UFO lore, somewhat like a cross between The X-Files and Men in Black. I found it sci-fi at its best with any political incorrectness contributing to its authenticity.  I’m actually glad that it’s the first book in a series and look forward to reading the sequels.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon here.  (Affiliate link)

Interview with Fantasy/Science Fiction/New Age Author Martha Fawcett


Martha Fawcett is an amazing science fiction writer whose work is a unique combination of sci-fi, fantasy and New Age. Her prose is a delight to read, touching your imagination like an evening summer breeze ruffling your hair. It’s easy to tell her upbringing was enriched by generations of storytellers and she has clearly inherited that gift. Her latest book, The Permeable Web of Time, is now out and you can find it here:

Me: Your enigmatic biographical sketch on your author’s page ( suggests that the UFO culture in Ohio had a strong impact on your writing, particularly in choosing to contribute to the science fiction genre. Was there any particular experience that influenced that decision that you’d like to share?

Martha: In July of 1947, the Roswell Incident occurred. Whether an actual, alien spacecraft crashed in the New Mexico desert or, as some believe, the entire story is a colossal hoax, the possibility of such an event happening captured the imagination of popular culture. I was a small child in ‘47, but one of my favorite pastimes was hanging around the periphery of adult gatherings and listening to their conversations. I remember; the topic of Roswell was on the lips of many people.

It was a lazy Saturday morning and I was nine years old. My dad came into the kitchen and poured himself his usual cup of black coffee. Sipping the steaming brew, he stared out at the misty green lawns still covered with dew. I already had a reputation for asking too many questions and this time was no exception. “What would you do if a spaceship landed in our backyard,” I asked him. He did not try to assure me that no such thing could ever happen. Instead, my question initiated a conversation that would last all weekend, as we became enmeshed in the what-ifs and varying circumstances. I don’t remember if he ever answered my original question, but he lit a fuse in my mind. I was so excited that I barely slept that night. My vision of life changed that weekend as I realized that I lived in a vast universe waiting to be discovered.

Me: Apparently, you hail from a family of storytellers. What memory stands out the most from that heritage?

Martha: Several people in my family were good storytellers, my paternal grandfather, my father, and my brother. After a lifetime of listening to them, I realize they all had a good sense of “timing.” Storytelling, especially verbal storytelling is like music, the rhythm catches and holds the ear of the listener.

In my immediate family, we honor the art of storytelling by creating elaborate fantasies surrounding our dogs and felines. Our furry family members are constantly outsmarting us; Lyssa our sable Burmese has won several Nobel prizes. Shyya, our dog, was a belly dancer (She claimed that she was bred by Sultans for Sultans); and Cerebow, a chocolate Burmese is now a supermodel and actress. My son is married to a German girl and Martina has brought her myths into the family mix. As a result, the family canines and felines are fighting gnomes and protecting us from poison-tipped darts that gnomes throw our way. It’s great fun and a creative outlet for everyone, especially around birthday-card time, when the family pets send out more cards than we do as humans.

Me: The description for “Together” mentions a Tarot reading that has a strong influence on the protagonist while “Dance of the Warrior and Witch” sounds as if it fits the fantasy genre more than science fiction. How do you define the fine lines between these two genres?

Martha: The lines between different genera are somewhat muted for me. My books are a mixture of science fiction, philosophy, romance, and spirituality. I tell unique and intimate stories of individuals and if possible, I like to write in the first person. I categorize The Janaforma Trilogy, consisting of Alone, Together, and One, as science fiction because the settings are the future, space travel is common, and the problems they encounter galactic. Each book of The Trilogy is complete onto itself; yet, together, all three books deal with the ramifications of genetic engineering. My characters encounter phenomena unexplainable through today’s science and technology, but these characters have been especially bred to deal with the complexity of space travel. Biological beings are not static or ever complete. We are evolving, so what we now may consider fantasy, may be easily explainable in the future.

Dance of the Warrior and Witch is a prequel to The Janaforma Trilogy and is a book I longed to write. The plot involves involves two schools of philosophical thought, the Shardasko Warriors (a mind-oriented cult) and the Trinity Witches (a feeling-oriented cult). No matter the genera, what holds a good book together is the authentic interaction of characters. Their journey may be short or long, but they must communicate their empathy to draw the reader into the story. A major theme in my writing is the emphasis of the personal journey each one of us must make to fulfill our potential. This takes me into the minds and intimate interaction of my characters, their personal development and philosophies, the social issues of their times, and their spiritual experiences. I attempt to focus on better possibilities for the future, which is a natural seque into science fiction.

My involvement with The Tarot is an offshoot of meditation. I would mediate with my Mind to my left, my Feelings to my right and my Will directly in front of me. This was not a position I read about in a book, but something I agreed to do, in cooperation with my many chattering inner voices. When I personified my Will, Mind, and Feelings in this way, I created a stage for inner dialogue and cooperation. When I discovered the Tree of Life, I found that my meditational configuration could be superimposed on the Tree of Life. The only thing missing from my glyph was the top part of the Tree. As I began to study The Tree of Life, I discovered Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang. I understood very little of his book on the first reading, but soon bits and pieces began to make sense to me. I learned that The Tarot was our ancient Western mystical tradition that’s been reduced to fortunetelling at sideshows. The Tree of Life and The Tarot demonstrate how Archetypes moderate and makes palatable our energy from The Source.

Does it matter if my glyph may be wrong or a figment of my imagination? Hardly! Even those too afraid of breaking away from their rigid religious upbringing, trim and modify their religion to fit their needs. The important factor is I’ve created my own inner religion that suits my evolutionary process. My Aquarian goal always is to uncover better and better truths (to make the unconscious conscious); so, show me a better interior model, a truer truth, and I will humbly put my glyph aside and accept a new paradigm.

Me: Do you share your characters’ interest in divination or is it simply something you explore in your stories? If perchance you practice Tarot, do you have any interesting experiences you’d care to share? [NOTE: I’m a professional astrologer, Martha, so you’re in safe territory here. J)

Martha: I have a couple of dozen decks of tarot cards, but the only deck I use is the Crowley deck based on the Tree of Life. I use it very sparingly with people who ask me to read their tarot. I have a background in dream analysis and a long-standing fascination with myths, symbols, and archetypes. These are invaluable tool in doing a reading. My obvious reticence comes from the knowledge that I am fallible and The Tarot is a powerful tool. In my latest book, The Permeable Web of Time (which will be out in a few weeks.) The Tarot helped me structure the plot and characters. The protagonist, Sante, has been “playing around” with tarot cards. When each new character appears, Sante decides to randomly select a significator card for each person. The cards Sante pulls are the actual cards I pulled and the characters are based on their cards.

Me: What other interests or hobbies do you enjoy other than writing?

Martha: I have too many hobbies and interests. I often say, “If I could clone myself, one clone would be a gardener and another would be a gourmet chief. One would make jewelry, another would be a photographer, and one would wander the globe in search of the authentic. My rational for this particular fantasy, is that I would have more time to write.

I’ve enjoyed a life-long love affair with gardening. It’s one of those passions built into my genetics. My maternal grandmother, Viola Mae, always had cuttings in a jar, a tomato plant out back and I keep up that tradition. I have a large collection of houseplants, a perennial garden, and an herb garden. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively in my life and photography always played a major role in my travels. A couple of years ago, I decided to put all my pictures on the computer. My husband brought a large storage box up from the basement, which contained slides, negatives, and pictures, telling me, “After you work through this box, there are eighteen more waiting for you.” For my birthday that year, I received Photoshop. I’m still working on this project. I’m crafty and like to make things with my hands. It’s a relief from the black and white world of words. I had nothing left to gold leaf in my house; so, I started making jewelry about three years ago and it turned into a passion. I would stay up until 3:00 AM creating a necklace or bracelet. My hands and fingernails were a wreck from wire wrapping. People began offering me money for my jewelry and I was tempted. I was on the verge of kissing my writing career goodbye when I received notice from Salvo Press that they wanted to publish my first book, Alone. So long hobbies! I am a writer.

Me: What are you currently working on and do you have a target date for its release?

Martha: As I mentioned above, The Permeable Web of Time, is complete. I’m now waiting for Duncan Long (check out his art at to complete his work on my cover. I have another book I plan to release sometime in 2015. It has the working title, The Zaqurlite Manuscript. [NOTE:– “The Permeable Web of Time” is now live on Amazon through the link below.]



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