New Thriller in Elle Klass’ “Ruthless Storm Trilogy” Just Released!

The Mind boggling conclusion to the Ruthless Storm Trilogy. Release date October 14, 2016.

My characters are fictional but crime, murders and serial killers are real. No crime is victimless. Buy In the Midst of the Storm during October and every cent Elle receives will be donated to to help real victims.




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The thrilling conclusion is filled with suspense! Here’s an excerpt:

The cold air chilling her to the bone, she walked swiftly towards her apartment. Her mind cloudy from too many beers. A trail

through the woods surrounding her apartment complex opened up to her left. If she stayed the course of the street-lit sidewalk, it’d take her longer to get home than if she took the path through the woods that led almost directly to her door. Her body shivering, she decided to take the chance and cut through the woods. Really, it was just a small chunk of trees with a well-worn path that most people used for walking their dogs.

Halfway through the shortcut, she heard voices talking. She slowed her pace and listened but assumed it was a couple walking their dog.

“What the hell are you doing?!” yelled a male voice.

She jumped and on instinct plastered herself against a large tree and scanned the area. Hoping she was fully camouflaged by the thick trunk. She peeked her head around it and spotted two young men. One had jeans sagging past his buttocks and a red jacket. The other wore all black and he held a glinting silver object. Her mind flashed back to the shining object and black eyes that chased her within her nightmares. She breathed deeply, trying to stay calm, and considered her options. The last time she’d run through woods didn’t fare well for her and she ended up in a coma for a week.

Running was out of the question. Going forward was out of the question. She felt the cool metal of the pendant against her chest and remembered its soothing qualities. Taking a deep breath, she

crouched, using the trees for cover and squat-walked towards the next tree. She couldn’t avoid the piles of leaves littering the ground, but hoped her steps were gentle enough the guys would consider them an animal.

The voices moved closer to her and she went into near panic mode. Breathe, breathe. They’re probably just smoking pot and mean no harm, she soothed herself, but the feeling in her gut sent shivers of horror flying through her body. Bad memories resurfaced and she saw his face, the monster, Evan’s face. She closed her eyes, attempting to gather her courage.

Leaves rustled beneath their pounding footsteps, growing closer with each one. No longer able to control her fear, she took her chances and ran.

“Who’s there?” called one of the men, as Eilida sprinted through the woods. Not watching where she was going, she ran smack into broad shoulders and a rock hard abdomen. Waves of horror shuddered throughout her body.

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It’s sexy!

He wanted to make all the bad in her life disappear and he wanted her. The vibes bouncing off Eilida suggested she desired him just as much. Setting his plate on the table, he turned to face her and cupped her face in his hand. Then he brought his lips to hers. His sexual hunger matched by hers.
When they released the kiss, she set her plate beside his and brought her body closer to his, melting in his arms. Their mouths met again as their hands explored the other’s assets. His hand lingering on her perky breasts as he lifted her shirt and drew his tongue closer to them for a taste…

Review of “To Penetrate” by T.L. Chester

To PenetrateTo Penetrate by Tl Chester
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This dark, gripping and occasionally gruesome tale was impossible to put down. It grabs you from the first page, taking you on a wild ride through the miasma of emotions roiling within a woman known as Sam who has killed her lover–exactly as he requested. Obediently following his last directive, she embarks on a mysterious quest in the form of a haunting roadtrip during which she discovers more about his sordid past with each mysterious stop. While trying to deny and suppress her guilt and inner turmoil she gradually confronts her demons and the various insecurities behind them.

This novella-length story is intense, believable and presented in a highly original style which takes you inside Sam’s psyche as if reading her diary as she pursues this dark journey of self-discovery. While the premise is tragic, it is nonetheless softened by an ample dose of humor throughout, even as it shields the protagonist from the maelstrom she’s experiencing inside.

I’m usually picky about such things as grammar and spelling but in this case any “mistakes” were effective as a deliberate ploy to capture the essence of this antiheroine as she spills forth her story in an utterly believable first person narrative. While it’s unusual to start a story with a murder where you know who the perpetrator was, the suspense throughout is nearly tangible, right up to the last heart-stopping page. This story’s depth is not to be trifled with, its impact troubling as you realize how, when all is said and done, that Sam could be the true victim of this clever albeit unsettling tale were it not for her transformation along the way.

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