Review of “Phantom Bigfoot and the Haunted House”


In this episode of the Phantom Bigfoot trilogy Duane meets his match in the ghost of Old Man Peabody whose eternal slumber is disturbed not only by pranks that threatened the sanctity of his commode but the need to resolve an old-time Big Beaver feud. While Duane continues to fret over whether Lou and “the Verge” will ever get together he finds his Phantom Bigfoot image tarnished by the antics of a true phantom bigfoot who can pass through walls in the tradition of the slime master in Ghostbusters.

I was disappointed in the ending of this volume, mostly because it was indeed an ending. The plot twists were resolved, the Swedish-looking aliens from the planet Abba returned and all was restored to its natural order amidst bigfoot weddings with a famous alien-abducted rockstar (who will remain nameless so as to avoid being a spoiler) for entertainment. I will miss the characters of Big Beaver and their crazy antics which brought me to tearful hysterical laughter numerous times during my virtual visits. If you enjoy off-the-wall humor in the tradition of Mel Brooks and National Lampoon you will enjoy this trilogy which I found tremendously entertaining. No matter how stressful my day had been I knew I’d go to sleep with a smile on my face when I was reading one of Simon’s Phantom Bigfoot stories.


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