Today’s Writing Tip

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Do you ever check your manuscript for over-used words? Some editing software will do this for you. Otherwise, think of words you may use too often. One I used more than I realized was massive. We all have our favorite adjectives and adverbs. Make sure you don’t wear it out.

Don’t worry about this during your first draft. That can slow down your creative flow as you get your story on paper. However, when you get to your first edit, watch for them. When one stands out, search on it so you can replace its repeated usage with as many synonyms as possible.


Today’s Writing Tip

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Always check your manuscript for over-used words and phrases, such as: so, just, in order to, therefore, or any of your personal favorites. It’s easy to fall in love with a newly discovered word, then use it so much it annoys your readers. Some of the words I’ve seen over-used are ubiquitous, baleful, and humongous. You’re probably not even aware of this on the first draft, so put it on your list as something to look for when you start to edit. Once you discover your favorite, learn all its synonyms so you can replace it with ease.