Today’s Writing Tip


Once I start writing a story, it’s all I want to do. It becomes my obsession. However, life must go on. Errands need to be run, house and yard work needs to be done, exercise should still be a priority. Much to my surprise, I’ve found that some of my best ideas and solutions to “plot holes” come when I’m doing some mindless chore like washing dishes or driving a familiar road, not when I’m laboring away on the computer. This has made those times much easier to tolerate. I’ve even looked forward to trips into town, knowing that I’ll undoubtedly get some good ideas and insights along the way.

If you live in a city where you have to pay extremely close attention while driving, this may not work for you. I’m fortunate enough to live in the boonies with ten miles of country road before I even get to the highway, then another five before I get into my little town. If you’re not so fortunate, mowing the grass, vacuuming, and exercising are also excellent for getting into the “zone.”