JRD’s stories are crisp, fast-moving, and loaded with action. This one is no exception. Of course I’m partial to this one because of the title. 🙂

You may even know the protagonist from his previous novel “Destroyer.” Richard McCain is a genuine bad-ass and on my list of book boyfriends. In this story you get to know more about him and see him in some serious action. Here’s the blurb:

1969, South Vietnam. Richard McCain is a Special Forces operative station at the Dong Ha Combat Base.

Located at the DMZ bordering North Vietnam, the camp is under constant attack by the Viet Cong, the North Vietnamese Army, assorted rebel groups and smuggling gangs. The culture clash with indigenous tribes amidst mountainous terrain cloaked by feral jungles creates a high-tension atmosphere, where only the strong survive.

Soon, the brutal military conflict mixes with drug-fueled episodes, supernatural events and powers beyond human comprehensions, as the tale of McCain and the Green Berets takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of epic proportions.

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Today’s Writing Tip

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I’ve mentioned this before with regard to your character’s occupation. This goes slightly beyond that to the entire story environment if all or even part of your story takes place in the military. Most of us know someone who has been in some branch of the military. Of course they all have their own personality and in some cases rank designation. For example, the lowest rank differs for all of them, though some, such as the Army and Air Force start to overlap as they go up the ranks. The Navy is different all around.

Make sure you use rank, terminology, and dialog correctly. Rank is easily checked online. Terminology is a bit more of a challenge and should be given a sanity check by someone who knows. Authenticity adds to the flavor and credibility of your story while missing the mark erodes your credibility as a writer.