5-Star Review of M. Pax’s “The Backworlds” Book 1

Craze is a Verkinn, a stocky race which can control their ear holes and have living hair that can braid itself.  He’s a big guy with a good heart who wears life-support overalls which help keep him out of hibernation when he gets in low oxygen environments.  His family has betrayed him and undeservedly labeled him a leecher so he’s on the run, determined to live out the old adage “The best revenge is to live well.”  During his quest he encounters a variety of other characters and they share numerous adventures along the way.

The author did an absolutely tremendous job describing alien races and different worlds in this well-written and entertaining story.  I found Craze endearing; for some reason he reminded me of Shrek without the green skin.  The imagery is vivid, the characters original as well as convincing, and the worlds fascinating.  If you’re looking for an entertaining escape into a scifi-fantasy world this is a great place to start with numerous sequels available so you won’t have to look anywhere besides Elstwhere, a place in the Backworlds, anytime soon.  What better place to visit than a world that reveres chocolate as one of the most valuable substances around?