Today’s Writing Tip

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What is the worst book you ever read? Did you finish it or give up part way through? Why was it horrible? Take a few moments to learn from it, even if it’s something uncomfortable about yourself or your own work.

One book I read was so bad on so many levels, I’m surprised I bothered to shove myself through to the end, hoping it would get better–it didn’t. Sadly, the premise was a good one and certain parts, at least of the plot, were well-done. However, it was riddled with my pet peeves, including, first and foremost, violation of the laws of physics and/or aerodynamic flight. That offended my inner scientist.

As I remember in addition, the author misused just about every homonym in the English language. Okay, we’ve all goofed up from time to time with your, you’re, and maybe even yore or there, their, and they’re, but this included so many it became laughable and definitely offended my inner grammarian.

But you know what the irony is? That for all the well-written and nicely edited stories I’ve read, which are many, I’ve forgotten the title of most of them while this one will probably live on, forever tattooed on my memory.

I guess the question is whether that is how you’d like to be remembered?