A Sexy Paranormal Sci-Fi Thriller Mystery Romance



This book crosses so many genres that it’s bound to have something for just about everyone. Alma is a widow with young children, struggling to make ends meet while she takes care of her two young children. However, she’s haunted by strange dreams of a sexy, mysterious stranger. Imagine her surprise when one day she encounters him in the flesh! It gets better and better from there as she discovers that the life she thought she’d been living was but an illusion, a shadow of her true identity and mission in life.

This fantastic story progresses at a fast-pace with surprises at every turn. Alma’s anxiety as her life turns upside-down is palatable. The imagery is fantastic, the plot complex, the characters engaging, the other worlds vivid and believable.  I don’t want to say any more because it would constitute spoilers and ruin the enjoyment of watching this fascinating tale unfold.

Many elements of this story are the exact fantasy of so many women caught in a mundane, unsatisfying world where her day to day routine is somewhere between boring and depressing. It’s a great read with something for everyone who likes sci-fi, romance, mystery, and characters to die for. The best part is that there’s more to come, this only the beginning of this delicious tale. Don’t miss it!

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“What’s Breaking Your Budget” — The Title Says it All!


The title of this book says it all. Who doesn’t have financial challenges these days? If you’re looking for some practical help, you’ll find some here. In fact, an objective third party certainly agrees since “What’s Breaking Your Budget: A Foolproof Household Plan” just won an award. This called for a quick interview with the author, Dawn Greenfield Ireland, to help spread the good news.

MF: Your book, “What’s Breaking Your Budget,” just won a gold medal from The Jenkins Group. That’s a huge testimonial to its quality and content! What inspired you to write it?

DGI: What’s Breaking Your Budget is the son of Mastering Your Money, a tiny book that won the eBook category of the New England Book Competition. I’d like to get MYM in every school across the land because people have no clue how to keep manage their checking accounts.

The Budget book would be excellent for anyone who is starting over after a divorce or any life crisis, people drowning in debt, people who have lost it all, and just because they should learn how to manage their money.litaward

MF: That’s so true. So many are clueless, plus things change, which often calls for re-evaluating your financial resources. You mentioned having an audio course that goes with the book. Will it contain different material than the book or complement it in some way?

DGI: The online course and the paperback will be available Summer of 2018.

The online course may have more in the audio, but typically, I offer it because many people like to listen to books instead of reading. With the online course they will see the graphics in the book and hear me narrate the content.

MF: It sounds like a great thing to listen to, making the advice seem more personal. What better way to use your time driving to or from work than to learn how to use the money you earn more effectively! Why do you think people have so much trouble managing their money? Do they not make enough or is it a discipline problem?

DGI: For the most part, people don’t understand their money patterns. And they suffer from the “gimme gimme I want I want” syndrome. Learning to live within your means is a challenge. This is something that What’s Breaking Your Budget tackles.

MF: So true. There are far too many temptations out there. So many can’t tell the difference between a “want” and a “need.” What are some of the things readers will learn from your book?

DGI: The subtitle of What’s Breaking Your Budget says it all: A Foolproof Household Plan. People will understand their income and their obligations. That may sound simple, but one of the reasons people get into financial trouble is because their minds are too scattered. The book/course includes an assignment – a serious homework assignment for the entire household to undertake.

When I taught the course in Houston, the people who attended were shocked at their discoveries. This tiny book is a powerhouse of insight and information. Owning up to your contribution to your plight may be tough, but I like to say it’s time to pull up your big girl panties / big boy BVDs and tackle the problem once and for all.

MF: Absolutely. People get into their financial trouble in most cases on their own and need to get out on their own. Of course there are exceptions, like unexpected expenses, but in general, we all need to learn how to live within our means. Where is your book available?

DGI: What’s Breaking Your Budget is available on my website dawngreenfieldireland.com, Amazon, iBook Store and Kobo. If you’re on Goodreads, you can find it there as well.

MF: Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will benefit from some sound financial advice.


About the Author

ME - 3-2017Dawn Greenfield Ireland is the author of several award-winning books and screenplays. To date she has written seven novels (three contemporary mystery and four science fiction), three nonfiction books, 15 screenplays (comedies, dramas, one horror, action adventure and science fiction), and three short scripts. Her former day job as an award-winning technical writer (34 years) played a major role in her fiction writing – she is detail-oriented, stays within budget and never misses a deadline. She writes full time in addition to editing books for authors, and coaching people through the writing process.

Connect with Dawn

Email: dawn@dawngreenfieldireland.com

Website: http://www.dawngreenfieldireland.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/dawn.ireland.18

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/dawnireland

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/DawnGreenfieldIreland

“The Last Dog” is Sci-fi at it’s Best, Especially if You’re an Animal Lover!



The Last Dog

by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

This story is not only original, but science fiction at its absolute best. While the story is suitable for young adults, it has enough substance to satisfy even a hardcore science fiction fan like myself. Animal lovers will especially love it, since one of the main characters is a dog.

The story is set in the 2080s in a dystopian setting. The author provides background in the prologue, which explains how different events in the 21st century, of both a political and natural disaster variety transformed the United States. It was a story in itself, which was not only tremendously interesting and entertaining, but showed how much thought and creativity the author has invested to develop this outstanding story.

Probably the most important technological angle is the development of the Dot, invented by one of the main characters, Bill Maxwell, which enables dogs to talk. The human birth rate has been greatly compromised, so few are able to have children. Thus, having dog and cat “children” is the norm. Anyone who’s ever had a beloved pet knows they are like our children. Then add the ability to have them talk to you and you can imagine how amazing that would be.

However, another disaster comes along, which kills millions of people as well as nearly all the dog and cat children, except a puppy named Abby, who belongs to Bill and Teresa Maxwell. However, Abby is taken by the government under the pretense of trying to find any other canine survivors and cloning or otherwise finding a way to re-establish the canine population. Meanwhile, a robotic dog has also been created, which is endowed with artificial intelligence. One of these in particular, named Rex, is another major character who is entirely endearing.

While all of this probably sounds pretty far-fetched, the author has done a fantastic job of creating a futuristic world where it all comes off as believable. Furthermore, if you’re an animal lover, chances are you already talk to your pets and can imagine them talking back. The gist of the story relates to if and how the Maxwell’s and Abby will ever be reunited. I absolutely loved it and know that I will someday read it again, which is the highest recommendation I can ever give a book because my TBR is so long, it’s a rare book indeed that I indulge in more than once.

If you’re a science fiction fan you’ll love the technologies and if you’re a dog or cat lover, you’ll love the pet angle. I highly recommend this heart-warming and original story from one of my favorite authors.

Pick up your copy on Amazon here.


“Prophecy of Thol”: Science Fiction at its Best!



Prophecy of Thol

by Dawn Greenfield Ireland

This five-star beauty of a story is so well done I hardly know where to start. First of all, while it is definitely suitable for teens and young adults based on its content, as someone who has grandkids in that age group I thoroughly enjoyed it, too. More than enjoyed, actually. I loved it!

The author did a fabulous job of transitioning the heroine, seventeen year old D’Laine, from what had been a very trying time, to some semblance of normalcy as she prepared to go to college, to being plunged unexpectedly into an entirely different world.  Her premonitions in the form of nightmares provided great background and suspense. In most cases, giving the reader more information instead of less actually builds more suspense as you have so many more things to consider and worry about. Not only did D’Laine fall through a portal and find herself on another planet with a variety of weird creatures, she also was introduced to powers she possessed of which she had no idea! Her transition into the role effectively took the reader along for the ride in a very smooth and credible manner.

The unusual sentient creatures and their respective cultures were well-drawn, full of imagery, and convincing, as well as their interactions among themselves and the planet as a whole. The humans were just alien enough, being somewhat medieval in some senses, yet high-tech on another, making them relatable.

The advantage of having a modern earthling as a protagonist is that the descriptions can be familiar. Some of the comparison and references to sci-fi icons such as the Star Wars movies were effective and often humorous.  The science element was convincing as well, the physicists involved straight out of “The Big Bang Theory.” I loved the characters left behind on Earth and their efforts to find the portal so they could bring back D’Laine. On a subjective level, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact they were in Houston, where I used to live. Thus, I enjoyed the references to familiar places including the Katy Mills Mall and local roadways. It’s always a plus when the location details are authentic, which adds credibility. Those who have never been there never know the difference, but to those who have it makes the story come even more alive.

I’ll even forgive the fact the story broke one of my cardinal rules of writing, (which I posted today in my “Writing Tips”) about starting a story with the main character. I can forgive any deviance that works, in this case giving it a story-telling flavor similar to “The Princess Bride.” (However, if I had been the editor, I would have recommended using a prologue.)

For a while I was worried that the story would end with a cliff hanger. Fortunately, it had a very satisfying conclusion, yet I definitely look forward to the promised sequel, which is the perfect ending. This is a great story for all ages. Don’t miss it!

If you’re subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you can read this jewel for free, or pick up your copy on Amazon here. An audio version is also available.