Today’s Writing Tip

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If you get stuck, a.k.a. “writer’s block”, there are numerous ways to get out. One way I’ve found is to let my characters take over the story. Just start writing and see what they do. Even if it’s something you edit out later, at least it keeps the ball rolling.

I had this happen to me recently in my WIP. I really didn’t know what was going to happen next, so I just let my characters have a conversation. The next thing I knew, they had figured it out.

This probably sounds weird, unless you’re an author, in which case you can probably relate. Writing a novel is a cooperative venture between you and your characters. If you get stuck, call a meeting with them and find out what they think. You’ll be surprised what they can come up with. Just don’t tell your non-author friends because they might think you’re ready for the funny farm. However, if they know you well enough, they probably already have that opinion. 🙂