Today’s Writing Tip


If you’ve written a series, consider packaging them as a boxed set when it’s complete. This is a chance to revitalize it with all the push of a new release and it also eliminates the cliffhanger issue. While pricing may be a challenge since you probably won’t have much success by making it the same price as if they’d bought each one separately, they do tend to be popular, especially for those who are familiar with the story or your work.

Including bonus material is another way to lure in readers. As far as I know, none of the POD paperback suppliers make it easy to do this as an Indie writer as far as packaging. However, you can do so yourself for signing parties and book fairs.


Today’s Writing Tip

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Releasing your series as a boxed set can give it new life, perhaps snagging readers who missed out when the others were published individually. Existing fans love having all your books in one place, and for anyone who hates cliffhangers, problem solved!

A boxed set also shows that you’re a prolific writer. Nothing is more frustrating than finding an author you love, only to discover they never wrote anything else. Fans like to know you’ll keep them coming!