Today’s Writing Tip

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No single social media platform is a panacea. As difficult as it can be to manage several, each tends to have a different audience, so diversity is necessary to reach the most potential readers.

This can be a huge time-suck, however, because it’s not just a matter of developing suitable posts, which is bad enough, but also involves a learning curve with the particulars of each platform.

There are numerous classes out there that will teach you what can be effective in the different apps. This can get expensive, and depending on your budget, may not have any appeal or possibility. One alternative is to observe and study what’s out there. See what catches your eyes or entices you to click a link. This is not always simple and the reason that marketing and promotional services abound.

And finding a good one is another subject entirely. In a word, beware! In a word, they’re not likely to be a panacea, either.