Today’s Writing Tip

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No matter how you feel about it, social media presence is important for readers and fans to connect. This is one thing that has made being an independent author possible beside ebooks and print on demand publishers. Having a lot of followers helps find your audience, though quality is important. Whatever you do, don’t waste your money buying followers. First of all, in most cases the people aren’t real and second of all, even if they are real, there’s a good chance they are not your audience.

One way to connect with those who will like your work is to post engaging content to draw them in. Selling yourself as an interesting person is another way to draw them in. Some authors seem to think that if they send out a daily email or dozens of daily tweets promoting their books that they’ll eventually connect. This could not be farther from the truth. Spamming doesn’t work any better for authors than anyone else out there.

Personal connections are best. The very best by far is face to face, such as at book signings or local clubs where you volunteer to speak. These are not always possible, however, if you live in a remote area or are too much of an introvert to get out there and promote yourself.

That would be me….