Today’s Writing Tip


Other than a chosen few authors, the people making the most money are those that provide promotion services and author classes. I would bet dollars to donuts that most authors put out more money than they take in, no matter how diligently they work at their craft. Some of these are well-worth it, others, not so much.

Thus, it’s essential to choose them wisely to make sure you get your money’s worth. Here are a few ways to help you decide.

  1. Does the service have a favorable reputation,  i.e. good reviews or recommendation from a fellow author?
  2. How many books will you have to sell as a result to cover the service’s cost?
  3. If it’s a class, would it be less expensive to hire someone to do that for you versus learning to do it yourself? (One way to counter this expense is to perform that service yourself once you’ve mastered it, such as making promotional videos.)
  4. If it’s a skill, could you teach yourself via online blogs or other information available for free?
  5. Is the service or class relevant to your particular genre? Will it help you reach your target audience?

Those selling these services tend to be masters of promotion themselves. They will make you believe that writing a best seller is within reach if you take their class or employ their services. Hope springs eternal, but don’t be a fool.

Today’s Writing Tip

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Other than a chosen few best-selling authors, the people making the most book-related money are those that offer promotion services, teach classes, or provide other publication help, such as cover design, formatting, and video trailer creation.

Unless you have unlimited resources, choose them wisely to make sure you get your money’s worth and a suitable ROI (return on investment). While any new endeavor requires a certain level of investment, it’s an easy trap to fall into where you’re putting out far more money than you’ll be able to recover for a long time. Making easy money by becoming an author is about as likely as becoming a famous singer or Hollywood star. The odds are not in your favor.