Today’s Writing Tip

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Networking with other authors is a must. This has more benefits than I could possibly go into in this short blog. Maybe established authors of best sellers can go it alone, but most of us don’t have that luxury of avid fans salivating for our next work to hit the stands, or Amazon, as the case may be.

It’s especially helpful to network with other authors who write in the same or similar genre as you do. See them as allies, not competition. How many readers stick to books written by only one author? No one I know. However, readers do tend to lean toward certain favorite genres.

Thus, you can help each other through sharing on each other’s social media, blogs, etc. as well as marketing tips and locations that work or, conversely, don’t work. Most of us have paid out a huge chunk of money for advertising that brought no results, which a fellow author probably could have warned us about.