Large asteroid coming close on April 19

This is happening more and more frequently, largely because we have the means to watch for them. But it’s still cause for concern. And astrologically, these close calls seem to stir things up as well.

Source: Large asteroid coming close on April 19

Krab Kaper, short fiction for RRBC!

Great little story with a wonderful message. Be sure to check out “Fantasy Patch” while you’re at it, too!

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Krab Kaper

Short Fiction

By Stephen Geez

Featuring Characters from Fantasy Patch

Some lettuce just leaves a bad taste.

I don’t know why, but this critter won’t eat the stuff, instead preferring collards and other greens.

So imagine warm light, cool breeze, a splash of gurgling water, eight explorable square feet, one climbing ladder of latticed sticks, a thatch of tasty greens beckoning from above, and our hero methodically clawing his way upward for all he’s worth—which is normally about five bucks, free if you simply pick him up, as Taj did.

    It’s a hermit crab, about the size of a jawbreaker, the landlubber version found in tropical beach-side brush.  This crab and its three crabby cohorts hail from Gulfcoast Florida, having hitched back to Chicago in…

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