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I'm a science fiction author of the Star Trails Tetralogy, retired after two decades working at NASA, defected from my physics training to become a professional astrologer, and various other acts of rebellion.

Flooding claims one life, destroys 2900 bridge in Kingsland, forces evacuations – DailyTrib.com – Your Hill Country online news authority

EDITOR DANIEL CLIFTON Unprecedented is how some are describing the torrential flooding that has killed one person, destroyed the RR 2900 bridge in Kingsland, and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people across the Highland Lakes. But the area might not be out of the clear yet. According to the Lower Colorado River Authority’s hydromet …

Source: Flooding claims one life, destroys 2900 bridge in Kingsland, forces evacuations – DailyTrib.com – Your Hill Country online news authority


Today’s Writing Tip

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Once a story gets rolling, writer’s block is rare. If you get stuck, perhaps you took a wrong turn somewhere with either the character or plot. Forcing a character to do something s/he resists can be a good sign that the character has come alive. In this case, you can often turn him or her loose to see what s/he wants to do. New plot twists can come out that will surprise even you! If you don’t know what’s going to happen next, you can bet your readers probably won’t, either!

If your plot hits a wall, taking a break to do some research will often open things up again.

Today’s Writing Tip

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It’s essential to understand the concept of point of view (POV), which is the character through whom the story is being told. This can be one of the most difficult concepts for new writers to grasp.

The basic categories are single, multiple, and omniscient. Single is used for a first person narrative, but not always. It can also be used for a third person story that only goes into the protagonist’s head. Multiple will get into more than one person’s POV, but in separate sections or chapters. Omniscient gets into everyone’s throughout the story. This can be confusing and is also least effective in connecting your reader with your characters.

Today’s Writing Tip


Want to write memorable fiction? Then CAP it! Influencing three areas of the brain will do just that. C=Cognitive (facts) A=Affective (emotions) P=Perception (senses) In this case, 3 strikes and you’re remembered!

Facts, even if they’re about the setting, add depth and imagery to your story. If there’s a particular profession involved, learning about what it entails is also beneficial and adds credibility to your character as well as potential plot twists.

For a story to “stick” with your reader, emotional involvement is essential! Which stories can you name that brought you to tears, either due to compassion, sadness, or even laughter? How many can you name that didn’t?

Employing the five senses is also recommended. We live in a world where all of them are used and define our environment. The sense of smell is particularly powerful, whether it’s the aroma of food cooking, autumn leaves, or vehicle exhaust in a crowded city.

This also applies when you’re giving a talk. In fact, I got this idea from a Toastmasters magazine that addressed how to make your speeches memorable.

Star Trails Tetralogy October 99c Book Sale!

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To celebrate being chosen as the RRBC Spotlight Author this month, which thrills me no end, all books in the Star Trails Tetralogy are on sale throughout October for only 99c, including those that are usually free. (Hahaha, just kidding! They’re still free.) This deal includes “The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51”. If you’re unfamiliar with my series, you can find out more about each story on its website, StarTrailsSaga.com.

Yeah, yeah, I know a “tetralogy” by definition is four books and it’s currently seven. That’s what happens when your characters take over and keep making demands. There’s at least one more coming, but I’m taking a bit of a break and writing a contemporary murder mystery that will (probably) come out first.

And speaking of RRBC (Rave Reviews Book Club), if you’re an author looking to network with other authors and get some of the best support you’ve ever imagined, be sure to check it out here.

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Also available as an Audio Book narrated by T. W. Ashworth! Join Audible and get two books free! If you’d like a special code to get this one free, email me at marcha@kallioperisingpress.com. Reviews are always appreciated.



The Star Trails Compendium

FREE! This is the Star Trails Tetralogy companion volume. It includes a glossary of terms, background information on Cyraria, and a special section for parents and educators who want to make use of the series’ science content as a teaching tool. If you’re a science teacher in the USA and interested in using the series in this manner, feel free to contact me for a free print copy! The Compendium is also available online at the series website.

Today’s Writing Tip

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Using speech to text features can be a great boom to some storytellers or bloggers, especially if you can say it far faster than you can type it. However, be aware that proofreading the result is essential. If you don’t, you may find various unsavory mistakes, such as heroine reduced to heroin as well as various other nasties due to the profusion of homonyms in the English language.

This, of course, requires that you be familiar with them yourself so you recognize when the wrong one is used. One of the most popular ones I’ve seen misused, even from experienced writers, is shutter (noun, outdoor window protection devices) instead of shudder (verb, to quake or quiver).

Meet #RRBC Spotlight Author Marcha Fox!

Here’s the next stop on my blog tour! Many thanks to Beem Weeks for hosting! If you’re familiar with Thyron, you can find out a little in this post about how he sprouted and became part of my novels.

The Indie Spot!

Meet Thyron, a Flora Peda Telepathis


 Creating engaging characters is not only important to a story’s success, but fun and challenging. Sometimes it takes deliberate thought and hard work to figure out everything about him or her: hair and eye color, quirks, talents, weaknesses, favorite comfort food. However, knowing your characters intimately brings them to life, at which point they help write the story. I love it when that happens!

Thyron, a flora peda telepathis (telepathic walking plant) who appears throughout the Star Trails Tetralogy, was different. I didn’t have to go through a long, drawn-out, creative process to bring him to life. Rather, it was more like Pallas Athene, who burst forth from her father, Zeus’s, head as an adult (clothed in battle armor, no less–no wonder he had a headache).

In other words, Thyron showed up fully developed. Getting to know him was more a matter of…

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Today’s Writing Tip

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Spellcheckers are great, but have several limitations. In most cases, if what it encounters is a real word, but in the wrong context, it won’t pick it up. For example, it’s a common typo to write “then” instead of “than” or “you” instead of “your” (one of my personal favorites). Since both are legitimate words, they’ll be missed.

If you know what your most common typos are, search on those words and make sure they’re used correctly. If you do this each day as you finish writing, you won’t be overwhelmed.

Today’s Writing Tip


Sometimes the hardest part of writing a novel or story is getting it started. If you feel stuck, work on developing your characters individually. This not only can get your creative juices flowing, but inspire new ideas of how they fit into the story and contribute to the plot.

Every story should start with a premise, which can usually be stated as a “What if?” statement. How that is developed will be further explored in a basic outline, which can lead to a chapter outline.

This is not a necessity. All authors develop their own style, not only of how they put words on the page, but how their story gets written. Some maybe start at chapter one, page one, while others may write the epilogue first, or jump all around as their muse dictates.

Don’t force yourself into a modus operandi that doesn’t feel comfortable. Trying them all when you first start out, however, will help you find what fits your style. Once that is identified, you’ll discover your own ways of overcoming writer’s block.


Here’s a link to today’s stop on my blog tour. Many thanks to Carol Marrs Phipps for hosting! Check out my hints for author newsletters.

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