A Heartwarming Texas Love Story with a Bonus: It’s True!


There is only one thing better than a good love story and that’s a love story that’s true, which is the case with this endearing tale. Clearly, the title alone is a spoiler alert, and while it is definitely a tear-jerker at the end, what leads up to it is an inspiring, heart-warming chronicle of the love and devotion between two very special people.

If you’re a music fan, more specifically a country music fan, you’ll enjoy it even more as it recounts the journey of someone who’d been a star in the past making a comeback and bringing his wife and daughters along for the ride, their talents developing and blossoming as well.

The story is pure Texas, which I particularly enjoyed because I live there as well. So much of the culture of the Lone Star State is captured, including parties were anyone who shows up is welcome as well as the vast distances that often lie between where a person lives and the services they need.  A fifty mile drive is often required, which in smaller, more condensed states or many metropolitan areas, would be incomprehensible.  For example, from one end of Houston to the other is also fifty miles and that is how far I live from a full-size shopping center with the usual big stores, with it even farther to an actual mall. A fifty mile drive is almost what you could call “business as usual” in this state.

I loved this heartwarming story. It shows that there are some couples in the real world who truly do love each other, come what may. Unfortunately, it seems that often such pairs must endure many heart-wrenching hardships. Life is truly filled with opposition, but sharing the burden with someone you truly love only makes the bond stronger. The photos bring the story even more to life, even though the names in the book are different from their real-life counterparts, the reason for which the author explains.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who needs a reminder that true love does happen and is something to celebrate. Its rarity makes it all the more precious. Note, also, that this is only part of their story. Be sure to check out the story’s prequels, perhaps in order, though this is a standalone book that doesn’t require that. Any stories or books by this talented author are outstanding.

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24 thoughts on “A Heartwarming Texas Love Story with a Bonus: It’s True!

  1. I loved this entire series. Jan Sikes is a phenomenal author. She truly put her heart into this series. Here’s my review:

    As the song says, ” You can’t keep a good man down”…. That was Rick and Jan Sikes (AKA Luke and Darlina Stone, in the series.) When life gave them lemons they not only made lemonade, they made lemon cakes, lemon bars, & lemon pie.
    Luke’s motto said it best “To do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.”
    This is a true story about a great man and a loving woman who survived many heartaches, tribulations, & a wonderful love story that still stands the test of time.
    From the Texas Honkytonks to Federal prison, from getting a second chance at life to raising a wonderful family and rediscovering the passion of his music. ‘Til Death Do Us Part brings this love story full circle. He left a legacy not only for his friends and family, but for the Outlaw/Texas music industry.
    Like they say,”behind every good man stands a good woman”, I believe this saying was truly penned, for their love story.
    Luke was afraid he would not leave any security behind for Darlina, oh how wrong he was, he left a lifetime of stories, music, art, and their Legacy.
    Jan Sikes has written the perfect autobiography.
    ‘Til Death Do Us Part is not the final chapter in their beautiful love story, it’s the beginning of the next chapter ahead.
    This book has moved me so much, I’m so intrigued, that I’ve purchased a CD of his beautiful music.
    As Jan hoped, this book has me wanting to reach a little higher, dream a little bigger, and love a little deeper.

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  2. I loved Til Death Do Us Part. I read this book out of sequence, but it took me to the others. Absolutely beautiful! ♥

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