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Today’s tip goes very much along with yesterday’s, but is a bit more specific. If you’re writing a crime novel or one that involves police procedure in some way, make sure you use the correct terminology and processes. This is not always as easy as it may seem, just from watching television shows.

Different police departments are likely to have slightly different procedures at the detail level, which gives some degree of latitude. The basics, however, should ring true.

Not to be a nag, but as an author it’s your business to know what you’re talking about. Along similar lines, I remember reading a novel some time ago which involved a character in the military telling a subordinate to “Relax.” Really? Don’t you think that he’d probably say, “At ease, soldier?”


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  1. Yes! and in ANY novel of any peice of writing, for that matter, get the other facts straight, geography, slang, techno or industry jargon. mess it up and you lose your reader, and you look stupid, two things a writer cannot afford to do!
    what really throws me is when a writer depends on something happening that woyld not happen in real life, due to their lack of understanding or how a thing is done. the saying “write what you know” may not be quite right, but “know what you write” certainly is!

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