Today’s Writing Tip

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We perceive the world through all of our senses. However, more often than not, the main ones addressed in writing are sight and hearing. These are only two of the five–touch, taste, and smell are just as important.

One thing to bear in mind is that the sense of smell is one of the strongest as far as triggering memories. You have probably experienced this, encountering one that’s familiar. Why do you think the smell of certain foods evokes memories so strongly? Thus, if you describe a smell that is familiar to your reader, it enhances the description tremendously. For example, the smell of autumn leaves, roses, and even something unpleasant like diesel exhaust, are familiar to most people, drawing them into the story.

Touch and taste are also important when they connect with the reader through their own experience. Be sure to use them where appropriate. They provide additional dimensions to your story and more ways to connect with your readers, making your story more memorable.


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