Today’s Writing Tip

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Yesterday’s topic was humor. Let’s take that a step farther. Once you decide what kind of humor you want to include, then you need to decide how to include it. This can be done through the narrative coming through the point of view character, reflecting his or her thought process.

It can also be expressed through actions. This doesn’t have to be the sophomoric kind (see yesterday’s post for the definition), like the “Three Stooges” variety. It can be a gesture, someone rolling their eyes, tripping over a curb when trying to look cool, etc. Dialog is another easy way to show it through one of your characters.

The book I’m currently reading had me laughing out loud at how stupid one of the characters was by misnaming an historical figure. Skewing a quote is another way. People reveal who and what they are through their speech and this applies to your characters as well. Of course their thoughts, as expressed in narrative or stream of consciousness, is another.