Today’s Writing Tip


When doing your final edit, it may be helpful to do so on a print copy. If you’re an indie author who uses POD (print on demand), this is easily done. I’ve found it’s much easier to spot typos and other issues in a print book than on the computer. It places me more firmly in the position of a reader than going over it on the computer screen. I don’t know why, it just registers in a different way.

This is probably because I’m old-fashioned and spent most of my life reading physical books. It may be just as effective on an ereader, which I’ll have to try, though marking anything you want to change isn’t quite as easy or satisfying as using a red pen. I do a lot of reading on my exercise bike, which obviously gets complicated with regard to reading anything on the computer screen, especially if you have a desktop. When I’m reading a physical copy of my own book on that exercise bike, however, it’s much easier to see it through a reader’s eyes.

A print copy is also a lot easier to flip through or go back and forth to check for continuity. Then again, this could just be me and my propensity for a tangible book with real pages. Nonetheless, you might want to try it and see how it works for you.

Various reviewers always want a print copy. I can understand why.