Today’s Writing Tip

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Holiday themes work well for plotting a story. They provide a familiar backdrop to build upon and are likely to be popular around that time of year. Not so much at other times, however, so bear that in mind.

halloween5Nonetheless, if you write a best-seller, that’s another story (pun intended). I remember years ago someone wrote a short story called “The Christmas Box” and it was a best seller. Write something like that and you might make enough money off that one story a few weeks of the year to finance your other less lucrative endeavors.  Counting on that, however, is a bit of a long shot.

If there’s anything about your story that you can exploit in connection with holidays, do so. Halloween is obviously good for zombie, vampire, and paranormal stories. Don’t forget those lesser known holidays such as Global Cat Day (October 16), World Vegan Day (November 1), and STEM Day (November 8) and be sure to use their specific #hashtags. You can find more holiday ideas here.