Meet Marcha Fox, Author of The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51

Many thanks to my friend and fellow author, Stephen Geez, for this guest post!

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What’s Your Learning Style?

Blog post by Marcha Fox

As I recall, there are three basic learning styles: Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. I’m somewhere between visual and kinesthetic, so I’m delighted with modern media’s emphasis on graphics. Not being an auditory learner was a major disadvantage when I was a kid. Being ADHD made it worse, plus I had a last name that began with “U”, so was typically seated in the back of the room. Looking back, it’s no surprise I got mediocre grades because, more often than not, what the teacher said did go in one ear and out the other. The one and only time I got sent to the principal’s office was when my 4th grade teacher got mad at me for doodling during one of her lectures. Good ol’ Miss DePalma. Think of her as a young version of Sophia Petrillo on “The Golden Girls.”…

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2 thoughts on “Meet Marcha Fox, Author of The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51

  1. I have to know the purpose in learning it, and depending on the content depends on how I’ll learn it.
    Kinesthetic if it’s English related

    Audio or visual if it’s science, math or technology. I can say with certainty the biggest inhibitor is other stimulation hands down, I would take any of those methods with any subject if it meant not being in a room full of 30 other people, so online college was a wonderful experience for me

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    • That’s so true about the “purpose in learning it.” I remember complaining about the relevance when I was in school and I’m sure kids today are no different. If they understood why it was important it would make all the difference!


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