“Flipping” by Eichin Chang-Lim: An Unforgettable Story in a Class by Itself




This is, by far, one of the greatest books I’ve read in a long time. I’ve read numerous “good” books that I thoroughly enjoyed and awarded 5-stars, but this one went so far beyond that as to stand out in a class by itself. It truly is, as its subtitle states, “An Uplifting Novel of Love.” I wish there were a category above 5-stars because it deserves to be in that class. And that is why you see 10 stars above!

The story encompasses the multi-generational saga of two families whose destinies eventually become intertwined. It starts out in Taiwan where a young couple in love defy family wishes and flee to the United States, where they work hard “flipping” houses in California at a time when such an endeavor was very profitable.

Change scenes to another family who, as they prepare to welcome their first child into the world, wind up in a situation where they adopt the child of a woman who had been a Chinese foreign exchange student in their home years before. While the first couple defied tradition and family, this young girl honors it and gives up her “mistake” to the family she knows will give her child a loving home, after which she returns to her homeland, her secret intact. The couple’s natural born daughter, Christa, and adopted daughter, Jadelynne, are six months apart in age, and very different, yet close, loving sisters.

The developmental stages of the two toddlers contrast sharply, leading the parents to discover that their natural child, Christa, is deaf.  They proceed to get her a cochlear implant, which uses electronics to simulate the nerve and replicate hearing.

As it turns out, Christa has a natural talent and love for gymnastics. This is her sanctuary and escape, her determination taking her to great heights of achievement in competitions, and providing another perspective on “flipping.” The girls grow, eventually in high school, sharing friends, in particular a young man named Wynson. Who just happens to be the son of the couple we met in part one.

I don’t want to get into spoiler territory, so will stop there. The strength and beauty of this story lies in the underlying currents of love throughout and how it helps the various characters deal with the adversity in their lives and ultimately drive their decisions. And I must say, in this story, that’s Adversity, with a capital “A”. Yet the characters confront and ultimately prevail over the many unfortunate circumstances thrust their way.

The characters in this story were so well-developed as to virtually come alive. The prose was smooth, beckoning you into the story without undue distraction, showing the exceptionally strong writing skills of the author. This feat is one often unattained by even experienced authors, but considering that English is the author’s second language is absolutely mind-boggling!

Another dimension that made this story so real is the incredible amount of research involved regarding both the medical issues as well as the particulars of gymnastics competitions. These details provided authenticity, making it read more like a biography than a novel. Such facts were integrated in such a way as to increase the story’s credibility, but never slowed it down or felt cumbersome. The clever title is the coup de grace of this incredible story.

I found this story nothing short of a masterpiece demonstrating exceptional writing skill, creativity, impeccable character and plot development, as well as research. It has already won one award, but I hope the author submits this great story to the various other contest venues available, because it is deserving of additional honors which I know it can win effortlessly.

If you want to see what an exceptional, unforgettable story is all about, don’t miss it. In a word: Wow!

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a copy of this book, which in no way influenced my review. I would buy this book in a heartbeat. You can pick up a copy on Amazon here.