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The last complaint was directly related to style and the skill of the author, i.e. too many adverbs. While useful, they shouldn’t be overdone. Before using one, see if you can find a better verb. More often than not, this can be done and eliminate the need.

For example, instead of saying “she walked slowly” how about “she trudged”, “she strolled”, or “she moped, dragging her feet”? See how the verb also implies imagery and mood? Economy of words increases their impact. Verbs are powerful. Make sure you use them to make your story more vivid. Scrutinize every one to see if you can replace it or really need it.

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  1. In my ‘for what it’s worth’ department, when I wrote my first novel, I was given this adverb advice and realized how valid it was, so I literally put ly in my find feature and spent days combing through the manuscript and replaced just about every adverb with a stronger verb.

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