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Do you know which genre your book fits best? This is not always as simple as it sounds. There are sub-genres as well, which help identify your book’s content. Yours may be a combination of two or more. Some evolve over time, like sci-fa (science fiction-fantasy) or sci-fi romance, while in some cases your book may be so unique it doesn’t fit anywhere. Some of the most original and clever stories I’ve read fit that category and I don’t envy the author trying to figure it out. This also makes it very difficult when you have to categorize it on sales sites or during the marketing phase.

Most readers have a favorite genre, so if you want to target your marketing efforts to those most likely to enjoy your book, then you need to figure it out. If it doesn’t fit one of the existing ones, then figure out the closest combination.


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    • Exactly. I’m not sure where mine fit, either. They’re mostly directed at junior and high school age “nerds” who love science, but since some adults seem to like them, I don’t want to leave them out. Then I get 3* reviews that say “they’re a good YA novel.” Well, duh! You’d like to slap these people.

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      • I gave up reading reviews a long time ago… Basically, after someone reviewed Fatal Attractions – admitted they hadn’t read it, but gave it a 2 because they thought the character, Tempest, was paranoid or something… She was suffering from PTSD because she’d witnessed a murder and the killer wanted her dead… I, for one, thought that 2 stars was a great award for showing her as being damaged, without spelling it out. However, I’m sure they meant it as an insult.
        I mark my novels as being YA, but my ‘younger fans’ (one 3-year-old is a mega fan of Xander) have parents and older siblings that read aloud to them. Older people also seem to like many of my books. In fact, Xander is also quite popular with ‘crazy cat ladies’. Have you ever seen that category listed?

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      • I was pretty surprised by some of the bad reviews the audio version of Thyron got but all I can figure is they were expecting something different. I think comparing them to movies and tv shows has possibilities. I’m starting to compare Thyron to Alf. maybe then people will have a better idea what to expect.


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