Today’s Writing Tip

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Social media presence is important for readers and fans to connect. However, you need to post engaging content to draw them in as opposed to only promoting your books. This is likely to be viewed as spam and lessen your popularity as opposed to boosting it. Giveaways, interesting blog posts, excerpts, and selling yourself as an interesting person are a few ways to draw them in.

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  1. LOL, then I must be doing it right, since I rarely post about my own novels. On my own blog, I mainly post humor as well as pet care tips. Purrseidon (cat who owns me & is a writer’s must) has her own blog ( she meows about many topics, but a favorite topic seems to be her problematic staff. Strangely enough, Purr also loves having books read to her, so she occasionally will do a review or mention a sale, but mainly she meows about her life and problematic staff.

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