Today’s Writing Tip

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Read your work out loud as part of your editing process. If you find yourself saying something different than what’s written, consider rewording it accordingly. If it’s awkward when read aloud, it’s not the most natural wording. Even better, read it aloud into a recorder and then listen, especially if you’re an audio-type. This is very effective for catching redundancies.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Writing Tip

  1. I always read my work aloud to myself as I edit. When I first started writing I was in a playwriting class. Plays are made to be spoken aloud, so reading my work became an essential part of my editing process.

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  2. I do this Marcha. It is time consuming but invaluable. It is possible to get a Mac to read your Word document to you, also. There is not much inflection 🙂 but it helps to find redundancies and awkard passages. Great tip.

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