Today’s Writing Tip

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Write what you know, whether it relates to your hero’s job or where he lives.  If you don’t, then learn the necessary details via research. Accuracy is essential if you want to maintain credibility as a writer. You’ll often be rewarded with new ideas and plot twists to enrich your story as well as have more confidence in its quality. Writing fiction is not about blindly making things up. It should ring with authenticity.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Writing Tip

  1. I wanted my main character to be a photographer so I took a photography class. And another, and became a darkroom addict, and entered shows, and taught a workshop– over a period of years and all the while my husband kept saying, “I thought you were writing a book!” My main character, Oliver, is not a photographer, but he does know a lot about dogs. 🙂

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  2. LOL, I’ve heard that for ages, but didn’t realize how deeply it had sunk in until someone pointed out that the fictional cat, Mischief, looked and acted like the very real Purrseidon.

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