Rave Reviews Book Club’s “SPOTLIGHT” Author Flossie Benton Rogers

Sounds like some fascinating stories! I have “Guardian of the Deep” on my Kindle waiting in line for me to get to it and I can’t wait!

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Today’s blog features guest Flossie Benton Rogers, “SPOTLIGHT” Author from Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC), answering questions about Mind Your Goddess and her Witchfae series of novels. Please be sure to leave a comment or question for Flossie below. So, let’s meet Flossie!

Why do you write paranormal romance?

I have always loved fairy tales, and mythology is a passion of mine. Paranormal romance allows me to play around in the various mythological pantheons. It’s like an ice cream cone piled high with delicious flavors and chocolate sprinkles on top!

What made you decide to write a series?

As I wrote the first book, two secondary characters made it clear they had a story to tell and wanted their own book. This was the Goddess Epona and her dark Guardian of the Between, Eshigel. They are the stars of the third book, Mind Your Goddess. With each book, new characters introduce…

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