Writing Tip of the Day

With the exception of prologues, always start your story with your main character. Readers want to know who the story is about right up front and will be confused if someone different kicks it off. #ASMSG #RRBC #amwriting



4 thoughts on “Writing Tip of the Day

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  2. That is excellent advice! About a year ago, a very proud indie author asked me to read/review his ‘baby’ … I really liked the character and was getting into the book, then at the end of chapter one, he died! If memory serves, the actual main character didn’t appear until about chapter 4 (Chapters 2 and 3 each introduced new POV characters, neither of which were actually relevant to the overall plot.) I only managed to make it to the end of the book because I’d given my word. Prior to submitting the review, I contacted the author with my concerns – he poo-pooed my opinion that the story should begin with the book’s main character and even got nasty. Thus, I gave his book an honest, but less than flattering review.

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