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Most first drafts are heavy on action and dialog. Use the acronym IDEAS to make sure your story has the right balance of Imagery, Dialog, Emotion, Action, and Suspense.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Tip of the Day

  1. A good acronym to use and to keep on track when editing. I edit over and over and then it seems there is, even more, to do when ‘the editor’ does their bit. Important to have a book that moves along and is not long-winded.

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  2. Like the acronym, Marcha. I am a serial reviser, going through successive drafts looking for only one or two specific issues in each pass. One of the new things I look for is the opportunity to use reported or condensed dialogue. I’m not sure what the writing books call it, but it is a useful technique. Thanks for the post.

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    • I understand completely since that is what I do. This helps, to focus on one element at a time. I like the idea of condensed dialog, to get to the point using narrative instead of having long-winded conversations that go on for pages!


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