Was the Christmas Star real?

There are some great books out on this subject. I lean toward the planetary conjunction theory since the Magi were astrologers and could have interpreted its meaning.


Was there really a star that led the 3 wise men to Bethlehem?

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2 thoughts on “Was the Christmas Star real?

  1. The original article apparently used research similar to what I’ve come across over the years.
    1) The prevailing theory I heard was that ‘the star’ was actually a comet.
    2) Jesus was not born on the year designated AND from what I’ve heard, his birthday was more likely in April, but the Church, who was setting up holy days, had already decided to use the day of ascension near Spring Equinox, so they decided to use Winter Solstice as the one for his birthday.

    ….. Realize that the church’s plan was to offer their own version of the pagan holidays…

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    • There are so many possibilities, which is what makes it fun. Whether it was a comet or planetary conjunction, supernova or whatever, it undoubtedly was rising in the east. Being astrologers, the Magi would interpret that in a certain way and there’s a good chance that the degree on the horizon was what directed them to where they needed to go. They didn’t literally follow the star, but saw the position where it rose and went in that direction.

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