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If you’re used to the ease of uploading your book files to Create Space but want to expand your options by getting on with Ingram-Spark, these steps can save you a lot of headaches. Ingram-Spark is MUCH pickier about files and trying to figure out what they want yourself is a real headache. These steps can keep you out of a rubber room.

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By Stephen Geez   portrait_ex

Many indies have discovered the challenge of preparing files for Ingram, either as publishers using Lightning Source / Ingram Global, or as  authors using the Ingram Spark program. Lots of methods can produce fair results, and lots of methods will trigger rejection. I’ve found that when interiors include images, the print quality from the newest POD presses can be superior with proactive file prep, or inferior using some of our old methods. 200

Below you’ll find a summary of the steps that produce the best results for200-fingers-typing our member/authors at Fresh Ink Group. These steps are for black-and-white interiors For color interiors, just skip the steps related to grayscaling. The main goal of this method is to fully control the specs of images by replacing the place-holders in the distilled file with processed images using the CMYK standard PDF/X-1a: 2001 with no color profiles in either…

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6 thoughts on “Interior File-with-Images Prep for Ingram

    • I agree and I have a publisher who just over-priced my kids’ book so it’s not selling. My new book is going to be self-published but with my lack of PC skills that should be a ‘Comedy of Errors.” I just became a friend of your–actually always was a friend :)–on Goodreads. Glad to have you as a good reads friend. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs for me as I get lost there too.

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      • I totally understand! It has been a long, rough road figuring out all that’s involved. Elsewhere on my blog, under “Writing Tips”, I have some formatting help and ideas. Once it’s set up it’s not quite so bad, but there are still crazy things Word does that can drive you crazy. I have a hard time keeping up with everything necessary to promote, much less find time to write and edit anything new! Writing is always something we are compelled to do. Everything else that’s involved can be a real challenge!

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  1. Purhaps I will give this a try for my next novel. Thanks for sharing …. dare I speculate that Thryon’s next story will soon be available?!?


    • I hope so. I’m still having issues getting the 3rd book in my series to go into their system without problems. For no obvious reason, the proof keeps coming back with missing pages even though the one I send in is fine. It has been a nightmare and it STILL hasn’t gone through correctly. When it does, then I’ll work on Thyron again. Right now I don’t have a very high opinion of Ingram-Spark but will reserve judgement for a while to see if I can generate more sales. One thing to be said for them is that you have numerous options for size and cover. In other words, if you were to want a hard cover with a dust jacket, you can do it.They just have some very picky systems for the interior and cover. Once you get past that hopefully it will be worth it. I’ll probably write a blog myself when I finally succeed getting all books in their system.

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      • I look forward to hearing about this… My original publisher (15-16 years ago) used Ingram as their printer and the quality was good. Thankfully, I didn’t need to deal with the publishing gremlins… that said, one of the reasons I chose to go independent was to have control over covers, etc. because the original design for Passion’s Fire’s cover was great, but the publisher didn’t like it, so put on a tacky (MHO) one … in fact, it had Mt. Fuji in the background, despite the fact that the plot was set in Alaska!!! I managed to talk them into clipping off that volcano, but not in getting the ideal cover.

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