Stop Fracking Under Our Water

Not only “No” but “Hell, no!”

Fracking has been shown to not only pollute water sources, but cause earthquakes and do various other forms of severe environmental damage. With the progress that’s been made with alternative energy sources, there is no excuse for it. If Big Oil has any sense, they need to direct their resources in other directions. Meanwhile, we can tell them what we think. This one hits close to home for me, within the same state and it involves a lake. I live across from one myself and it horrifies me to think of them doing such a thing across the street!


It seems so simple. There are some places you just shouldn’t frack. Like under or near water supplies. Right?

Source: Stop Fracking Under Our Water

3 thoughts on “Stop Fracking Under Our Water

  1. TOTALLY AGREE! …. In fact, I’m not so sure this is a good idea on land, either. So, as I possibly err on the side of caution, until i had the chance to research this in depth, I would say: no fracking until it was proven safe in the specific area they wanted to use it in.

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