Sneak Preview -Marcha Fox’s Upcoming “Terra Debacle”!

Thanks for the pre-release review, John! Current release date is December 1 and it should be available for preorder sometime before that. Stay tuned!

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The Terra Debacle by Marcha Fox is a highly entertaining, suspenseful and thought-provoking sci-fi novel surrounding the exploits of Thyron, a mutant form of sentient plant life with highly-developed thought processes and limited extra-sensory perception. It comes as a quasi-prequel to the author’s Star Trails Tetralogy, where the character appears as a protagonist in the Brightstar family saga. Set in the late 70s northwestern USA, it uses the controversial Air Force investigation of UFOs as part of the storyline. Gabe Greeley, an exobiologist at NASA, is contacted by Colonel Jenkins at Hill AFB in Ogden, They request his opinion on an exotic lifeform discovered by personnel at the base. Greeley arrives at the base and is introduced to Thyron, and there the adventure begins.

Fox could not have selected more fertile ground for such a cross-genre romp. This is easily comparable to a dark version of ET – The…

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