If it’s not a UFO, what is it?

This is a great article about some of the things most often identified as a UFO. While I’m pretty-much a UFO believer, it’s also obvious that many things mistaken for them are not. We saw an Iridium flare last night at a star party as well as three meteor shower fireballs. Clearly they were NOT a UFO!

Most Unidentified Flying Objects aren’t unidentified at all. Here’s a list of natural and human-made objects in the sky that people frequently mistake for UFOs.

Source: If it’s not a UFO, what is it?


2 thoughts on “If it’s not a UFO, what is it?

  1. Or maybe there will just be more of them. From what I understand, our world is under surveillance and has been warned since we’re now a danger to ourselves and thus could soon be a danger to other worlds out there as well as we achieve the means for interstellar travel.


  2. I believe that most anything is possible, including visitations by aliens from other worlds. Now that drones are so readily available, I wager UFO sightings go up.

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