Please Don’t Make Me Read a “Real” Book

This is so true. You can carry around an entire library on your Kindle. But I still like “real” books, especially nonfiction where I dog-ear pages, underline, highlight, and write notes in the margin. Too tedious to do that electronically.

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Young Adult - Kindle vs Paperback BooksPlease Don’t Make Me Read a “Real” Book, byT.D. Shields.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love books. I mean, I REALLY love books.

I read at least a few books a week, and on a really good week, I might read a dozen or more. I love to fall into a new story and lose myself in the author’s world. Some books are so magical that you can barely pause for sleep or work… some books are less transporting, but still a fun break from everyday life.

So I love books… but I don’t love “real” books. I’ve heard many people say (or post on Facebook, which is totally the same thing) that they just don’t like e-books. They prefer the smell of a real book and holding it in their hands and the whole tactile experience. I’m not going to argue – who am I to tell them…

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