Internet Safety For Children

Excellent tips if your children are on the internet. And whose aren’t these days?

Rise and Fall of Parenthood

The other month my 7 year old informed me that he had his own you tube channel. When I say I was gob smacked, that was an understatement. I wasn’t aware of it at all, and I was annoyed at myself for not noticing. I felt like the worst mother ever! I had all sorts of thoughts of what he had on it, when he was recording it, was he talking to anyone and if there was any personal stuff going on in the background and more the fact, that all along, I was thinking he was playing away on games while I was pottering around the house. Thankfully there wasn’t much on it, as it was just a channel with his daily ramblings. There was a couple of idiotic comments from people, nothing derogatory, luckily enough. I also showed him how to block people if there were any bad…

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