The Emotional Stages of Putting Your First Draft Away #writers #SundayBlogShare

This is so true! The longer you can let it sit, the better! When you can see your work objectively as a reader would, you can really get to work editing and polishing the first into the jewel you always imagined.


The Emotional Stages of Saying Farewell to Your First Draft

  1. Euphoria. You have finished the first draft of your novel! You sit back in your chair and feel a burst of what only can be described as literary euphoria. After weeks / months / years / decades it’s finally complete. You have a huge smile plastered across your face and loved ones are activelyencouraged (as opposed to being told to stay away) to come over to congratulate you on your literary achievement. To say that you and your draft novel have become close lately is an understatement. You have seen more of your draft during the last few months than you have of your loved ones, who have been left to fend for themselves.
  2. Denial. An hour later after writing ‘The End’ you happily sit down to start editing your first draft. You ignore the little voice in your head saying ‘put it away’ and ‘let it rest’

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