Like Entering a Prize Fight

It’s so cool to hear about an author whose persistence is paying off!

Christian Warren Freed

While I always dreamed of the day people would like my work (therein lies the true satisfaction I get from writing) I decided to keep my expectations (at least publicly) low. In my mind I have visions of world domination- but that’s another story. Today I have just enough clout to take over parts of Costa Rica, maybe. A lovely country if you’ve never visited. I recommend going.

I wrote Hammers in the Wind with the intent of only being two books. I was never interested in doing a series until the book got picked up by a small publisher who said ‘we want more’. A lot of head scratching and a few quality cigars later I took drastic action. Hammers, as written, was around 175k words. (I love loooooong stories). Like a person getting a new haircut, I chopped it in half, added some filler and then went on to…

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