Sell Your Books To Non-Bookstores?

This is an awesome idea! People are still buying print books and there are plenty of possibilities out there!

Following my own advice, I’ve restocked two stores in the small town near me with DESCENT and BLAZE. This happened in two ways. As per the advice I give in the guide, I went by one of the sto…

Source: Sell Your Books To Non-Bookstores?

5 thoughts on “Sell Your Books To Non-Bookstores?

  1. Interesting! I hadn’t thought of putting them into actual stores, but Kiara of Cat-a-bliss contacted me about making ‘gift baskets’ and including Xander’s novels with some of her blends & cat toys for Christmas, etc. … My question was eb00k or paperback? She hadn’t considered sending ebooks, but is now planning to offer both options.

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    • I am pretty unsavvy when it comes to much of today’s technology, mainly since my cell phone doesn’t work worth a hoot out here in the boonies. However, another author told me you can get one of those funny looking square boxes with product info coded into it at and get the QR code. That’s a great way to sell the electronic version! You can just print stickers or whatever and those who are a lot more with it than I am can just scan it and get there.

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