What does ‘Young Adult’ mean?

I thoroughly enjoyed this short blog on what constitutes YA. My books fit what she describes and I definitely agree with her last paragraph!

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What does Young Adult MeanWritten by Michelle Lynn

An age old question – you’ll get my pun in a moment – about the Young Adult genre has had people baffled for years. What does Young Adult mean? Does it describe the age of the readers? The age of the characters? Or something else entirely? The genre takes on many forms and different people describe it differently. Some people include middle grade fiction and even down to children’s fiction in this category. Others don’t.

I am one of the latter. I read a ton of YA books – dystopian, contemporary, paranormal – you name it. I also write YA – dystopian. I’m no expert. We all have our own way of looking at the genre. But I am opinionated – boy, am I opinionated. So, bear with me while I talk about what I think as if it’s fact (I tend to do that a…

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  1. I categorize some of my novels as YA because of the character’s age, but I simply call my Sea Purrtector series ‘family friendly’ because it is written from the POV of Xander, a feline 007😉

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