Too Much of a Good Thing


Lake Buchanan in Central Texas looks like the Mississippi River the past few days due to the excessive inflow resulting from the torrential rains we’ve been getting the past few days. Yesterday’s lake report indicated over 22,000 cubic feet per second were pouring in. The Highland Lakes dams, managed by the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority), are operating 24/7 to control the flow the best they can, but there’s still too much water headed downstream for some areas and flooding is inevitable.

A few years ago this area was in a drought of record and the lake was at around 32% capacity at the worst of it. The buoy in the picture above was high and dry with the lake still hundreds of yards beyond it, as you can see below.

The picture below was taken in 2011 from the edge of the water looking back; the houses you see are supposed to be on the waterfront. In contrast, the picture above was taken from next to the two story structure just left of center, showing how far the lake has finally come up.

Droughts do, indeed, end and usually with a flood. That has certainly been the case here.