Half-Acre Challenge Update: Armadillogeddon

This morning I went outside and found a massive array of holes around the base of my biggest oak tree. The last time I saw such a mess was a few years ago in which case the perpetrators were a bunch of wild hogs. Now I have a chainlink fence, far too high for hogs to scale, and all the gates were closed. So, the only logical conclusion was that it was a massive party held by armadillos rooting for whatever it is they eat. There must be a couple dozen holes with several a foot deep! In some cases, rocks the size of baseballs had been removed! Needless to say, I’ll need to fill them in before the next time I mow.

It’s still unimaginable that dillos made such a mess, compared to the usual holes I find that are about an inch or two in diameter and about that deep.  Maybe this was courtesy of ET.  Wish I had the event on video. Either way, it would have been tremendously entertaining!

7 thoughts on “Half-Acre Challenge Update: Armadillogeddon

  1. Armadillos eat worms, spiders, beetles, ants, scorpions and other insects as well as vegetables and fruits; mostly berries and roots. They can eat 40,000 ants in one meal and 200 pounds of bugs in a year. They also eat snakes, frogs and lizards which is why you they are often near water – a.k.a. your lake.
    If you decide to set a trap for them, do NOT put bait in it – you’d probably just catch your feral cats…. they are not easy to trap and/or poison, so good luck!

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    • I have nothing against them and this is business as usual living in the boonies. Fortunately, my yard is not golf course quality so it’s not a big deal, just a nuisance at worst. I’m more amused than anything. Too bad they don’t eat fire ants, though. Got plenty of them after the rain last week. I like possums, too, because they eat snakes and are immune to the venom. I figure if you live in the country you need to coexist with the wildlife since they’re part of the fun. The other night coming home from my neighbors I saw two grey foxes and a deer.

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